Protosumerian Pink Limestone Amulet in the Shape of a Boar

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Protosumerian Pink Limestone Amulet in the Shape of a Boar

: Mesopotamian
: Djemdet Nasr, Late 4th Millenium B.C.
: Pink Limestone
: Length: 7.1cm
: CHF 66'000.00, USD 68.435.40, EUR 54.938.40
: European art market, acquired in the 1980's.
: Excellent condition, with inlays remaining, and a nice pink like patina.


As attested by the perforation visible on the animal's body, this figurine must have worn as an amulet, which was suspended to a string or a thin chain. Its dimensions are quite impressive. The animal, finely carved, is intact. The nostrils and hoofs seem to identify the animal as a boar represented in what appears to be a seated position. The body's shapes are well modeled and enhanced but numerous anatomical details rendered by fine incisions, making the figure very lively. The eyes are inlaid in bone (?), and the pupils in a dark stone (steatite).

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AAMS D.N., "When Orpheus Sang, An Ancient Bestiary", Paris 2004, n. 7

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