Egyptian Solid Gold Pendant of Harpocrates

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Egyptian Solid Gold Pendant of Harpocrates

: Egyptian
: Ptolemaic or Roman, 1st century B.C.
: Solid Gold
: Height:3.6cm
: Ex-Daniels collection, USA
: Intact and in an excellent state of preservation, with a slight torsion to the bottom right of the base.


reference 8758

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This exquisite solid gold Amulet represents Eros-Harpocrateds, Egypt, the young deity standing on a rectangular pedestal. His weight resting on the right leg, his right forefinger pointing to his mouth, a cornucopia cradled in his left arm, a serpent twined around a cylindrical support at his left and touching the base of the cornucopia. The Horus Falcon is standing beside him on the right, the god wearing a long garment and animal-skin (?) cloak, and the crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, a quiver between the wings, and a twisted gold wire suspension loop behind.

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The precision of the rendering of each detail and the composition of this small pendant are of the highest level and a tribute to the craftmanship that went into this marvelous jewel.

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LIMC IV, 1988, p. 415, s.v. Harpokrates


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