Mycenaean Terracotta ´Psi´ Idol

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Mycenaean Terracotta ´Psi´ Idol

: Greek, Mycenian
: 1300 - 1230 century B.C.
: Terracotta
: Height: 10cm
: CHF 23'000.00, USD 23.844.10, EUR 19.136.00
: Ex-British private collection, collected in the 19th century.


reference 13759

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This statuette, representing an abstract female figure, or idol/goddess, is also known as ´PSI idol´. She is wearing a flaring polos/headdress with her arms upraised. The conical body is hollow and painted in orange-brown colour with striped upper garment and a flaring skirt. Her flat head and nose were made by pinching the clay between the forefingers.

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These figures began to appear during the 15th century B.C. in Mycenaean sanctuaries and tombs. They classified according to the letter of the Greek alphabet that they represent: statuettes in Psi (Y, as this one), Phi (F, with a circular body) or in Tau (T as the shape created by the open arms). According to come archeologists, these representations are not without any connection with the Neolithic Mother-goddess, and as such, should be linked to the cults and rituals related to fertility.

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