Cypriot Painted Ceramic Oinochoe

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Cypriot Painted Ceramic Oinochoe

: Cypriot
: Iron Age, (ca. 650-550 B.C.)
: Greek Ceramic
: Height: 31.8 cm
: CHF 52'000.00, USD 58.245.20, EUR 42.780.40
: Sotheby's London, Antiquities, July 9, 1994, lot 294.
: Intact and in excellent condition, with full pigmentation remaining.


Reference 17083

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The large vase is characterized by its large globular belly, richly decorated with large concentric circles in dark brown slip, filled with graduated concentric bands. A similar circular motif around the shoulder forms interlocking bands. There are small concentric circles in the background, while the front is adorned with a wheel-shaped motif and the sides with two plain circular motifs of similar size. On the shoulder, a scene depicts the figure of a calf (?) standing to one side of a lotus motif, the decoration with the white-painted details. This piece is dated to the period of the apogee of Cypriot pottery manufacture, when potters reach the height of their skills in modeling as well as painting.

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SPITERIS T., “The Art from Cyprus, New York, 1970, p. 107.

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