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Phoenix Ancient Art Young Collectors

You are cordially invited for the grand opening night and discover our new gallery, Young Collectors, in Rue Etienne-Dumont 9

Our distinction is a client-based philosophy and a commitment to the process of exhibiting unique exquisite pieces that are on display in our brand new gallery Young Collectors, which satisfy both the budgetary and aesthetic objectives of our clients.
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la Galerie Phoenix Ancient Art a choisi pour son exposition d’automne de présenter des « Splendeurs » qui illustrent la somptuosité des temps anciens.
exposition du 8 novembre au 30 décembre 2013.

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BRAFA 2014

Entering BRAFA (Brussels Art Fair) feels a little like stepping into a rejuvenating world of art, where beauty vies with rarity and where precious objects compete with illustrious works.

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