Western Asiatic Gold Mask of a Divinity or a Hero

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Western Asiatic Gold Mask of a Divinity or a Hero

: Western Asiatic
: 8th – 7th century B.C.
: Gold sheet
: Width: 10.5cm

American art market (New-York), acquired in 2001.

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: Excellent state of preservation, with superb uniform. surface.


Reference 15131

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This magnificent mask is composed of a single gold sheet, cold hammered over a core of wood or an anvil. Originally, it certainly belonged to a composite statuette, that is to say, one made from several materials: this technique was in widespread use in Near Eastern art and was already part of its artistic conventions during the Neolithic Period.

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The eyes, the joined eyebrows and the nostrils were carved to hold inlays of ivory, lapis lazuli, bitumen, semi-precious stones, etc. The small holes on the sides suggest that this mask was originally affixed to a support, now lost.

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"The 1st Anniversary Exhibition" Miho Museum, Japan, 1998, pp. 18-21, n. 5.


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