Bronze Age Bronze Fibula

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Bronze Age Bronze Fibula

: Bronze Age
: Circa 1100 - 1000 B.C.
: Bronze wire
: Length: 34.5cm; Width: 11.0cm
: CHF 43'000.00, USD 46.956.00, EUR 35.659.90
: German Art Market, acquired in 1999.
: Excellent state of conservation, intact. Beautiful surface with dark green patina


Reference 11656

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This jewel belongs to a group of fibulae named "passementerie", which are typical of the end of the Bronze Age north of the Alps and in Eastern Europe. As well as being a fastening device (pin, spring, hinge), the impressive decoration is made up entirely of bronze wires: four pairs of small, parallel spirals are topped by a spiral of much larger dimensions. According to the archaeologists of these fibulae, who find them most often in necropoleis, they were used not only to as fasteners for the clothing of the deceased, but in time, they came to play a role in magical and religious spheres.

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On Prehsitoric cultures in Europe, see:

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For similar type fibula, see:

'Gods and Heroes of the European Bronze Age', Cat expo., p.264, no.186


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