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PAD London

Set in the vibrant heart of Mayfair, PAD is London’s leading fair for 20th century art, design and decorative arts. Inspiring a unique spirit of collecting, PAD epitomizes how modern art, photography, design, decorative and tribal arts interact to reveal astonishing combinations and create the most individual and staggering interiors. Prominent international galleries from major cities across…

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Esotérisme Antique

Discover the "Antique Esotericism" by Phoenix Ancient Art SA, at our genevan gallery.
Venez découvrir l' "Esotérisme Antique" par Phoenix Ancient Art SA, dans notre galerie genevoise.

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Phoenix Ancient Art S.A.
6, rue Verdaine
P.O. Box 3516, 1211 Geneva 3

tel: +41 22 318 80 10

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New York

Electrum, Exclusive Agent for Phoenix Ancient Art S.A.
47 East 66th Street
New York, NY 10065

tel: +1 212 288 7518

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