BRAFA 2015

La Brafa est une des plus prestigieuses foires d’art et d’antiquités d’Europe où toutes les œuvres d’art présentées sont à vendre. Qualité optimale et authenticité comptent parmi ses exigences. La Brafa est une foire éclectique offrant avec une très large variété de spécialités depuis l’Antiquité jusqu’au XXIe s.: archéologie, arts primitifs, arts asiatiques, argenterie, bijoux, numismatique, mobilier et objets d’art de la Renaissance jusqu’au XXIe s., vintage, tableaux anciens et modernes, art contemporain, sculpture, céramique, porcelaine, tapis, tapisseries, dessins, bandes dessinées, gravures, livres anciens et modernes, photographie et autographes.

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: January 24th- February 1st

Young-Collectors with AVV openning

Avec une sélection de petits chefs-d’œuvre du Bassin méditerranéen, cette nouvelle arcade propose des objets qui sont également accessibles par le biais d’un tout nouveau site internet ( et dont les prix oscillent entre 1’000.- et 20'000.- CHF.

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: May 8th

Phoenix Ancient Art Young Collectors

Our distinction is a client-based philosophy and a commitment to the process of exhibiting exquisite pieces that are on display in our brand new gallery Young Collectors, which satisfy both the budgetary and aesthetic objectives of our clients. Our focus will be on bronze, marble, glass, jewellery and terracotta works of art, of its finest and highest quality. These exquisite pieces can also be purchased on-line, coming soon !

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See you there!

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: Thursday 20th March 2014


The Fair takes place in a spectacular, new waterside pavilion “in the round” at downtown’s Bayfront Park. Organized by IFAE in collaboration with the French SNA (organizers of the Paris Biennale), MA+D is Miami’s most elegant fine art event and will feature prestigious international dealers presenting art and design of all periods.

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The fair will feature the best of American and European art and design. “The fair will be especially attractive to collectors, architects, and designers from throughout the United States and Latin America,” said Christian Deydier, President of the SNA. “Miami is a vibrant, exciting city that has become a major cultural meeting point for the Americas.”

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IFAE will guide the fair along with a Committee of SNA members and international galleries including: Galerie Alain Marcelpoil (Paris) | Galerie Dumonteil (Paris) | Galerie Jacques Bailly (Paris) | Galerie Vallois (Paris + New York) | AANW (Miami) | Moretti Fine Art (Florence + London + NY) | Peter Finer (London) | Phoenix Ancient Art (New York) | Richard Green (London) | Robilant + Voena (London + Milan) | Stair Sainty Gallery (London) | Tambaran Gallery (NY) | Toninelli Art Moderne (Monaco).

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Friday, February 14
2 pm - 10 pm

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Saturday, February 15
2 pm - 10 pm

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Sunday, February 16
2 pm - 10 pm

Monday, February 17
2 pm - 10 pm

Tuesday, February 18
2 pm - 8 pm

: 14-18 February 2014


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